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Now More than Ever we Need to Come Together to Connect + Support our Community


The Coronavirus has hit the whole world hard. What we need now more than ever is to move our bodies, connect with each other, practice self care, donate to those in need, and support our local small business.

Beginning Saturday March 21, 2020 I’ll be offering Community Connection Workouts. My goal is to provide a safe space for our community to workout, connect with other people, give back to local charities, and support our local small businesses.

Community Connection Workouts will be hosted LIVE via Zoom every Wednesday at 5:00pm and will feature one local small business owner, as they guide you through a home facial, mediation, self massage, cooking tips, etc. $3 of each class will go directly to the business owner and they will share their online offerings with you.

Community Connection Workouts will be hosted LIVE via Zoom every Saturday at 10:00am and post workout there will be a live virtual meet up. This is a time for those who are living alone, feeling isolated, feeling overwhelmed, and for those who have love and positivity they want to share to connect, laugh, and share best practices. $3 of each class will do directly to Mama’s Kitchen . They prepare and deliver nutritious meals for our neighbors struggling with AIDS or cancer who are too sick to shop and cook for themselves.

What’s Included:

LIVE 45-minute Workout

LIVE Self Care Workshop lead by a local Small Business Owner (Wednesdays post workout)

LIVE Community Connection Time (Saturdays post workout)




LIVE Wednesday 5:00pm & Saturday 10:00am

*NOTE: Invite to the Zoom call will be sent out once you sign up via venmo (make sure you text me (619) 540-9663 with you email after you pay) and I will also be sending out an email out after each class with the video, link to support your local small business, and journal prompts so that you are still able to workout and support our local small business if unable to make the live class time.



Drop in class – $8

Please venmo: Ashley Yandle @studiolifted (619) 540-9663

*Add in the venmo comments what date it is for

Text me your email the first time so I can send you the Zoom link.

*$3 of each class is donated to the feature small business owner and charity of the week