Lower Body Workout – 9.16.18

Round 1

  • 20 each leg Weighted Walking Lunges
  • 12-15 each side Superman Planks
  • 30-45 seconds 180 Jumps or Box/Step Jumps

Round 2

  • 20 each leg Low Lunge Leg Taps (hands on the ground, keep your back leg extended as you tap your back foot out to the 45 degree angle, then across the midline of your body to the opposite 45 degree angle)
  • 12-15 each side Side Plank Crunches
  • 45 seconds Sumo Pulses with Heel Lift (option to hold a weight)

Round 3

  • 15 ea leg Weighted Curtsy Lunges
  • 12-15 Feet-Hand Pass Off (with large exercise ball)
  • 15 each leg Weighted Step ups or Split Lunges if you don’t have something to step up on (one leg at a time)


Repeat 3x!